One-of-a-kind decoration from concept to realization


Whether your initial design concept is well-defined or quite vague, we will work with you to develop it to your satisfaction. Starting with a schematic concept, our artists will consult with you to devise original works evoking the character and style your project requires.


from concept to realization

Our process for the development of original works of art

1. Initial Consultation: Client presents conceptual goals, inspirations and any schematic or precedent materials.
2. Concept Refinement: Our team refines one or more schematic options based on the client’s objectives. Character, style and media are defined.
3. Model Development: once a concept path is chosen, we proceed into the modeling phase; using clay, plaster or mixed media. The client is invited to comment and guide our work during this phase.
4. Fabrication: once a model has been approved, we proceed into the the fabrication phase, creating all necessary moulds and casting the piece in the specificed medium.
5. Delivery / Installation: Our experienced team carefully packages, transports and installs the finished piece.