The most comprehensive collection of plaster moulds in North America.


Hyde Park's collection of standard moulds is the largest in North America, and contains elements in a wide range of styles to suit the needs of nearly any design project. All items are hand-cast in our own factory and are carefully packed and crated for delivery to their final destinations. We are proud to be a U.S. heritage business serving customers world-wide.


Crowns, coves & friezes

Of the myriad uses of cast plaster in Architecture, crown, cove and frieze mouldings are perhaps the most sought-after. As stand-alone details, or in conjunction with other ornaments, this is the singular element that can truly define proportion and set a stylistic tone for a room.

Our collection is one of the most extensive ever assembled in one place. We include every style, suitable for rooms ranging in height from approximately 8’ to 30’.

If there is a particular element shown in a that is not quite the right size for your project, we can re-create it proportionally to suit your needs.



ceiling medallions &


Ceiling medallions - also sometimes referred to as "Centerpieces" or "Rosaces" - provide a central point of focus that brings unity and harmony to all other wall and ceiling ornament. In the case of a complex motif, it can be the eyes’ stopping point.

Our selection of ceiling centerpieces is very extensive and includes shapes, sizes and styles to suit most any interior. Many of these items can be installed in very little time with minimal “Wet” work, using a combination of mechanical and adhesive fastening methods.



Trim for Walls &


A vital component of any stylish interior is the proper and contextual treatment of openings. Doors, windows and passages must be trimmed in a way that is pleasing to the eye and complimentary to the importance and intended function of the opening.

Due to their intended placement at elevations prone to incidental damage, we cast all wall trims in a harder-setting plaster medium to help reduce the effects of the occasional bump or scratch.



Decorative traceries & ceiling systems

In assembling our catalogue of ceiling designs, we have studied many historical examples and are pleased to offer them as standards. When considering a particular ceiling design, it is important to review your ceiling plan and decoration choices with one of our staff to ensure that all of the correct pieces are being ordered for your particular requirements.

We can modify any ceiling design to conform with room-specific conditions such as vaults, curves and placement of lighting or home comfort system components.



Columns, CAPITALS, Pilasters

The best possible approach to the planning and creation of columns and capitals is deference to the time-tested prescriptions handed down to us through the traditional practices of classical architecture. When designed and sculpted to the proper style and proportions, these element serve as pieces of architectural art that will be appreciated for many generations.

Most every room requires its own proportional scheme. For this reason, we treat each column and capital order as its own art project, working closely with our clients to create elements that will live in harmony with the surrounding architecture.



Fire surrounds

Because of its fire-resistant properties, there is a long-standing precedent for using plaster as a material for fire surrounds. Hyde Park’s standard collection of fire surrounds offers models in a wide range of styles to compliment almost any room.




Providing the tools to best facilitate design.

Hyde Park Moulding provides the design team with detailed CAD drawings to make the process of incorporating our products into construction drawings swift and seamless.